Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Machete 1: snake 0

Last Saturday afternoon I had just gotten home when my roommate yelled at me from the back yard to come and get the dog. Emily (my roommate, not the dog) looked a little frazzled. I asked her what was going on and she told me to put the dog in the house and come to the backyard. As I was walking in the house she hollered, "Look out the window before you come out!"

Okay, I was intrigued.

Imagine my surprise when I peek through my back blinds and see my (nearly) 5' tall roommate standing in the yard, sweating and holding a bloody machete. Of course, I don't go out. She points towards the ground and I re-adjust my gaze to see a giant snake loosely coiled, its head severed just below its neck. And yes, it had a neck.

Of course, I still don't go out.

As you may recall from several posts ago, this isn't the first time my faithful friend has battled a serpant in the yard. Fortunately for me, the killing was done before I got home, thus saving me the energy and embarrassment of running, screaming like a school girl, into the house.

My friend Emily is the best friend anyone could have. She's a highly skilled snake asassin, encouraging at all times, and makes the best cupcakes in the state. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

A short time after the killing I was sitting in the kitchen while Emily was cleaning blood off the machete. A quick measurement had confirmed her suspicion that the snake was over 3 feet long. The neighbor thought it was a water moccasin but Emily's dad said it was a copperhead. The internet proved her dad correct.

Random fact: did you know that snakes eat their food whole and if you kill a snake and then cut open the fat part of it's belly you might find a whole rat? I'm not saying that we actually did that...but Em's dad is a really good sport about things :)

So, that's the update in my life. Hope you're enjoying a snake-free existance, wherever you are.

Oh, one more thing; my new book, The Shame Vault, will officially launch on Dec 7, 2010. Please be praying for favor, provision, right connections and all that stuff. If you're interested in getting a pre-release copy you can let me know. I should have my author copies within a week or so. I think the list price is $12 but I can let you know for sure when they come in. Thanks for your prayers, your support and your continued belief in what I do. All glory to God!