Monday, November 17, 2008

Tech support finally came; my replacement phone!!! I have been without a cell phone since Thursday evening. Ironically, I had already scheduled to switch my internet provider so my land line was disconnected Saturday afternoon. I didn't know if I was going to make it.

It's funny how dependant we can become on technology in such a short period of time. I didn't grow up with cell phones. When I was a kid we had a party line (one long, one short was our ring). For those of you under 40, a party line means that more than one household shares your phone line. Convenient for Mrs. Barkley who listened to every conversation; not so convenient for anyone wishing even a modicum of privacy.

We had a bit of a bruhaha at after school on Thursday. Sometime between the excessive cussing and the visit from the police, my phone went missing. No biggie, right? Oooy! I have insurance on the phone (which I would recommend for anyone who works with at-risk youth) so it isn't a huge deal to replace it. But here's the thing...somewhere between the party line and my Q-9 Global, I have become hopelessly dependant on my phone. It keeps track of everyone I know (contact list), records everything that's important (reminders), and tells me where and when I am supposed to be somewhere (calendar). Today the Fed Ex man delivered my new phone, but it doesn't know any of the things my old phone knew. It looks the same, but it's completely different.

So, my request to you is this: if you and I have scheduled anything in the next 6 months, please feel free to text me the details.

How cool would it be if people could be reprogrammed as easily as cell phones? I got saved watching a movie called 'Jesus' on my VCR. It was Aug 2nd, 2000. That day I got total forgiveness and a brand new life. My mind, however, continued to suffer from faulty programming. I had all kinds of issues: lies that presented as truth, memories that haunted me and seemingly endless confusion. It would have been great if I could have powered down, hit delete and started fresh. It didn't happen like that.

The bible says we 'walk out our salvation in fear and trembling'...that's a fancy way of saying there's no delete button. Everything becomes a choice we have to make; contacts, reminders, calendar. The cool thing is, we don't have to make those choices by ourselves. God sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, correct us and comfort us. And, He'll never leave us or forsake us. You can't beat that kind of tech support!

All glory to God!