Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the light

I've missed you so. Contrary to popular belief I have not: (a) been captured by pirates, (b) moved to the Sahara or (c) fallen completely off the face of the earth. It felt like all of the above, but I've been right here all along. Thanks for your patience.

I'm not sure how we got to the end of January, since just last week it was Christmas. I think it has something to do with all the W-2's, 1099's and FUTA forms I've been wading through. For all of you non-math people (like myself) those are just a few of the joyful tasks of year end book-keeping. God bless the accountants!

Since I seem to have survived the melee of year end, I decided to poke my head out and say hello. Some pretty cool stuff has happened over the last several weeks and I wanted to share it with y'all. One of the most exciting things is that I signed a contract with a publishing company for my latest book. Woo hoo!!! Sometime in late 2010 my new book The Shame Vault will be finished and on the shelves. Please be praying for all that is involved in that process. Another cool thing, I've been invited to speak at a Women's Conference in NYC. That won't happen til May but I'm jazzed about it none the less. Cool thing #3: I got a new dog! Well, she's not really new since she's already 4 years old...more of a new-to-you model. Her name is Coco and I adopted her from a shelter. I've had her about 3 weeks now and she's absolutely great. We're still working on the whole 'alpha dog' thing but I think we're gonna make it.

Tomorrow morning I'm flying home for a visit. I'll get to spend time with my family, hopefully ride my sister's new snowmobile (depending on whether or not she remembers what happened last time), and have a few days to breathe. I'm really looking forward to taking some time to refocus and clear my head. I'm believing that God is going to speak to me and bring clarity to some murky issues.

Hopefully I'll be blogging some of my adventures so stayed tuned for further updates. Be blessed, in Jesus' name. All glory to Him!