Monday, July 19, 2010


I have survived!!!

The past couple of months have been spent trying to prep my new book for publishing. I had no idea how many layers of edits are required before it can go to print...layout, conceptual, finals, etc...thank God that my publishers know what they're doing! We haven't even started the cover work yet, but that's a whole other beast.

Now that I've passed the point of no return (everything now goes into print 'as is') it seems I may have a little more time to reaquaint myself with my forgotten blogger family. I would like the thank the 4 people who continue to check my blog every week to see if there's anything makes me feel needed :)

I'm not sure when I last wrote but things have been busy here. The new HPC arena has now been open 17 weeks and we are adding a third service in mid-August. It's a 5pm Sunday service which I'm really looking forward to. I haven't done Sunday night church since my brief quasi-Pentacostal stint. Sunday night church is a blast!!!

My work is still the same...9 hours a day with mostly myself for company. I've decided I'm not nearly as entertaining as I thought I was. Still, God must be working something out because He hasn't moved me yet. Our Human Trafficking team is going to Arkansas in late August to do a training with another church; I'm looking forward to that. I'm also trying to decide if I should visit home before the snow flies (which can be anytime after October). So many decisions, so little wisdom.

Not a lot else to report here...I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I've survived the editing process for The Shame Vault. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. My prayer is that lives will be changed by this effort.

Be blessed, in Jesus' name. All glory to God!