Monday, April 06, 2009

1/2 way thru Servolution

It's Monday night and I just got back from about 2 hours we handed out 500 hot dogs, a couple hundred drinks and 600 apple sauce and clif bars. Thankfully we had almost 60 volunteers helping us bless the people in Dixie and Prescott/Mohican.

Yesterday we had about 160 volunteers help us with our after-church luncheon. With close to 450 people on site it was one of our biggest Sunday services since we opened. Saturday we were slammed with multiple outreaches and hundreds of volunteers: adopt-a-block in Dixie, water giveaway at North Foster/Winbourne, paint-a-house on Fairwoods, extreme makeover at Desire Street Academy and an OCS match party on site. And just a few hours before we kicked that off we were in the streets and clubs for Midnight Outreach. I gotta tell ya, I need a nap!

Right now, in hundreds of churches around the world, God's people are reaching out to the lost and hurting through acts of service. Healing Place, under the incredible vision and leadership of Pastor Dino, has started a revolution through serving. It is both and honor and a privilege to be able to participate in Servolution 2009. All glory to God!

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